Stoneham, Quebec

Callan ate her way across the Atlantic. She didn’t get much sleep, but British Airways brought her lots of food.

The flight out of London was delayed, she missed her connection in Chicago, and her snowboard bag and equipment didn’t make it to Quebec. Just part of the journey…

She comes home to do her laundry, eat and repack her bag, on Friday night at 10 pm. Come out to the airport and surprise her.  We’ll make it a party!


X Games invitation

Callan got an X Games invitation.

January 29-30 in Aspen, Colorado.

Qualifiers on Friday and finals on Saturday.

The X Games format is slightly different. They race heats of six competitors at a time, instead of four.

Competition schedule

TV broadcast schedule

WX14 live video on

Good racing!

Veysonnaz snowboard cross World Cup Jan 15th

 Callan made finals. It was a spectacular heat, what racing’s all about!

She chased Helene Olafsen down the course, almost board-to-board, waiting for the right moment to step on the gas. Coming into a banked corner in good position to make a pass, Callan took the inside line,  looking for a little bump of speed. But no – it was the slower line and she missed the chance to get in front, coming across the finish line third. The top two advance to the next heat.

But it was just what it’s supposed to be! Exciting!

A family traveling the world from England came to cheer her on and introduced themselves. The two little boys have a travel log with a nice story about the day and posted great photographs. Click on the scoreboard photo to go to their travel log. Good job, boys! 

From top to bottom, it takes these Boarders around 58 seconds including the BIG air off the huge jumps and these guys make this sport look so easy.  It was heartening to see Zoe Gillings, the only Brit, racing also (see score board pic) – maybe Thomas and Wils can become competition Boarders for GB!!!

Callan’s name came up on the scoreboard – she was about to race in the black bib. “They’re on the course” said the commentator.  At the finish line, where we stood, we couldn’t see what was happening the top half of the course. Only three Boarders emerged over the huge jump and into the last bend – we could see Callan was in close contention. As they neared the last part of the course the leader pulled away and Callan dropped back to a close 3rd. Unfortunately she didn’t qualify for the next round but it was amazing to see the race and to meet Callan.

Next up – the Zurich airport and Stoneham, Canada for the last Olympic criteria event.


Munchen to Bad Gastein to Sion

We arrived in Veysonnaz, Switzerland last night after a very long drive.

It is a beautiful sunny day and I just got done snowboarding.

I love this mountain, it was a super fun day. We checked out the course today, its not finished but it looks good. I can’t wait!

Mont Blanc



Mont Blanc


There is no internet at the hotel we are staying at but there is a cafe that I am at right now with wireless. I am about to go wax my snowboards… 


Wow, 6 weeks flew by.

Callan was home for Thanksgiving and then back to Colorado for US Team training and final preparation for the real launch of the season. Cousin Craig did driving duty from Denver to Telluride and hung out with the team for the weekend. They finished the training session with the second World Cup on the schedule, in Telluride.

Here’s a link for the FIS World Cup tour:
It should be updated through the season. There are photographs of each race. Callan is in yellow pants in some.

NBC’s Universal Sports with a complete schedule and TV broadcasts:
Under the tab “Gallery”, there are photos.

A couple of days home for Christmas and back on the plane to Europe. Callan went to Switzerland a few days early to acclimate and get in an extra practice session. There are four major competitions in four weeks – three World Cup Olympic qualifiers and the X Games.
The team raced in Bad Gastein, Austria this weekend and are now driving to Veysonnaz, Switzerland to compete on Thursday.
Veysonnaz is in the French part of Switzerland (Valais conton) in the Rhone valley, near the Bernese Alps.

On the 17th, they’ll drive to Zurich and fly to Stoneham, Quebec.

Callan is currently ranked 27th in the World Cup tour and the pressure is on. She needs top scores and this is a tough field. These are the dedicated competition athletes, seasoned World Cup veterans and previous Olympians. The best in the world.

In an Olympic year, they are pulling everything out and the level of competition is fierce.