Munchen to Bad Gastein to Sion

We arrived in Veysonnaz, Switzerland last night after a very long drive.

It is a beautiful sunny day and I just got done snowboarding.

I love this mountain, it was a super fun day. We checked out the course today, its not finished but it looks good. I can’t wait!

Mont Blanc



Mont Blanc


There is no internet at the hotel we are staying at but there is a cafe that I am at right now with wireless. I am about to go wax my snowboards… 


One thought on “Veysonnaz

  1. I dont know if Callan well get this but Im from Dillingham and I wish and pray for u at the Olympics . And all your events up coming. I hope your brother Will is there with u and your Mom of course , u dont have to make me proud if u win or lose your all ready world class and at the top of my list of people who well acheve greatness. I see your Gran father Adam once and awhile and yes hes still driving the lake road with a load of people and yes hes on my list . P.S A Friend

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