Stoneham, Quebec

Callan ate her way across the Atlantic. She didn’t get much sleep, but British Airways brought her lots of food.

The flight out of London was delayed, she missed her connection in Chicago, and her snowboard bag and equipment didn’t make it to Quebec. Just part of the journey…

She comes home to do her laundry, eat and repack her bag, on Friday night at 10 pm. Come out to the airport and surprise her.  We’ll make it a party!


5 thoughts on “Stoneham, Quebec

  1. Dear Callan: I live in Juneau, Alaska with my family. My grandson, Ask Kenney is into snowboarding, and all the more since he met you at Floyd Dryden Middle School last year. I am a cousin of Dorothy Larson’s so we have been current with your stsndings and events.

    Everyone of us are proud that you were chosen to be on the USA Olympic Snowboarding Racing team. You worked hard to get where you are .

    Your cousin Ash is onto snowboarding, all the more since he met you last year. He has the pictures of you and him on his wall.

    Good luck in all of the races. Love and hugs…..

    Flo Kenney

  2. Hey Callan,
    It’s Sean. I just wanted to tell you how proud of you that we were (Auntie Norma, Siobhan and I; and I’m sure everyone else too). We are so excited that you made it to the Olympics, I know that you’re mom was saying that it’s not that big of a deal because the world cup is all year long, but we’re excited and will definitely be watching you and rootin’ you on. I hope that you can get back to your roots in Girdwood, and snowboard with me sometime! Good luck.

    Your Cousin,

  3. Hi, Callan! I sat next to you on a plane to Amsterdam last summer and wanted to congratulate you on making the Olympic team. Woo hoo hoo! You’re an amazing young woman; best to you in all that you do!

  4. wonderful to see you again in Anc at your send-off! we are watching, with fingers crossed and love in our hearts. You go get ’em, kiddo! love you, EJ and Sarah lu

  5. Hi Callan, I have a pic of you in my cube at work for The County of Los Angeles Department of Human Resources. I proudly tell people you’re my homey, and I will wear my t-shirts that say you are my homegirl with pride! I’ll look for you in your next major, be it the Olympics or other events betwixt! Your Inupiaq in Koreatown, California, Ray

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