A little crust, but fun nonetheless.

Today was the first day of the Heli Challenge! It was a little up in the air with the snow conditions. We started out the day bright and early, leaving the lodge at 7:30am. After a short drive to the heli pad, we got off the ground at about 9am and started out on the mountains. As thought, the snow was topped with an icy crust and instead of counting this day as part of the contest results, it was deemed an exhibition day. So, we built a nice booter and the day was still successful. Later on the snow got nice and cooked by the hot NZ sun and we ended with some lovely runs to the helicopter pick up.

Tomorrow the forecast is a little dodgy, so its about 90% that we wont be flying. As soon as the weather clears we are on for buisiness! Cant wait and hope theres a little more powder!

Stay tuned for pictures!


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