Back at home (a forgotten post from April)

The Olympic journey has been an exhilarating one.

After February I had a week at home to recuperate from the intensity of those incredible two weeks in Vancouver. Then the month of March was spent in Europe for the last two World Cups of the season. The first was in Valmalenco, Italy, a three hour drive from Milan, and the second in La Molina, Spain which is two hours from Barcelona.

The races went well, my riding felt good and strong but I managed to take a fall in both World Cups. But all is good and I plan on harnessing my qi through this summer, finding the Gods of snowboarding and channeling their power through my legs.

Once back in Alaska, I went to Valdez for a few days for the Valdez King of the Hill competition and a few backcountry lines in the pow. It was super fun!

Then back home briefly and on to Arctic Man. An interesting mix of people, good times and ridiculous speeds. I won it and can’t wait to come back next spring.

My teammate, World Snowcross Champion Julie Thule,  now holds the record for most wins as a driver, male or female.


The Red Room

I just got back from a presidential visit in Washington D.C. with the rest of the US Olympic Team. The two days in DC went by fast, scheduled down to the minute.

It was incredible to meet Barrack Obama and Joe Biden.

And a shocker to see how big Michelle Obama actually is! She towered over me; I felt like a 5 year old.


Now I’m finally at home, ready to recuperate a little and enjoy the summer. It was quite a season – one for the books.

Thank you for keeping up with me and supporting me through this journey. I am so grateful to be from Alaska and have the support that everyone in this state has given me.Now

Happy spring!

AP/Mark J. Terrill


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