The run Callan took. This is  Travis.              Photos Tony Harrington/World Heli Challenge

The venue from the bottom. Callan’s run is looker’s left/skier’s far right.

Yesterday was filled with the excitement of deer mustering and sheep-shearing (an ugly experience for the sheep).

She’s got a few days before the rest of the team arrives. Once they arrive, vacation is over…

I am going to the Club Fields with Aline and Ane this morning and we will be there until Thursday. [Aline Bock (rider, Austria) and Ane Enderud (skier, Norway) won the Challenge and ranked #1 on the World Freeride Tour.]

It sounds incredible, everyone says its the best place for backcountry and that the snow is really good right now. I guess it’s a little in the middle of nowwhere and you have to hike up to the lodge where you sleep, use sleeping bags and help out with chores for a discounted room and board.

Then you hike where ever you want and use tow ropes that are set up all over the mountains. I’m excited! We will be back to Wanaka on Thursday.


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