Bungee Jumps and sunny days… well, a few rainy ones.

I got back from an incredible trip to the Club Fields! The riding was the best I have experienced yet in New Zealand and whole environment there is pretty cool. We had a long drive back to Wanaka along the west coast of the south island, which was stunningly beautiful!

Yesterday, I met the rest of the U.S. Olympic Boardercross Team in Queenstown and we headed straight to Wanaka… after a few meat pies and a quick bungee jump session! I wasn’t going to do it at first, but after everyone decided to, I went for it! It was 10 times more scary than skydiving. The lead-up gets you pretty nervous while you watch everyone jump of this bridge, but the most nerve racking moment is standing on the jump platform. But immediately after you go for it, its nothing but fun! I wanted to go again.

Today we went up to Cardrona, a ski resort about 30 minutes outside of Wanaka. The snow was nice and slushy, the sun came out and shone through most of the day… it was about as good as it gets, other than a powder day. In the next few days the World Junior World Championship is happening in Cardrona and the skeleton for the Boardercross course was being built today. It looks like its shaping up to be a nice one! We will be running it all through the week.

It’s weird to have a Junior Worlds happening that I am not competing in… just a little while ago I was there. The last Junior Worlds I was at was in Italy and I got 2nd place. I have a little redemption to get… maybe I’ll hop into the race and claim the win anyway. ; )

Silver Medal World Junior Champs


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