Poutine and North American french people.

After a stop off in Korea for a cancelled race, jet lag and little mistake that ended in a bruised and battered body at the US Nationals in Canyons, Utah I’ve finally arrived at the lovely province of Quebec, abounding with poutine and bustling with the french of North America. Its pretty weird how just a few hours drive in any direction will take you back into the world of the english speakers and out of this place in the middle of Canada where the people are passionately french. Quebec City is one of the cooler cities in North America I think. Walking around, the city seems old and foreign. I like it!


Today was the first training day of the World Cup here at a mountain called Stoneham which is about a half hour away from Quebec City. The course was good but the speeds were painfully slow because of the super cold temps. The snow is like styrofoam. Tomorrow is supposed to warm up here in french Canada which means the speeds will be higher as well. Looking forward to tomorrow and a good qualifier.

Au revoir!


2 thoughts on “Poutine and North American french people.

  1. We did try to find you on the Utah programs, and I did get the interview on Morning Show, but as usual the T. V. didn’t show womens snowboarding at all.I guess they did flash the results, but I didn’t see yours or Lindseys results, so I thought they must have shown the wrong thing. I hope you’re a fast healer, and wish you the best for this event. Love, Aunt Fredi

  2. I know, that was really frustrating. We watched 53 minutes of every heat of the men and less than 2 minutes of the women. What was that?
    But thanks for making the effort anyway.
    We were screaming for Cheever and Jayson Hale.

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