A silver medal-World Cup is done!

photos © FIS/Oliver Kraus


Arosa spectators.

Canada’s Dominque Maltais earns the World Cup title and Crystal Globe, with Bulgarian Alexandra Jekova’s career-best in 2nd and United States legend, three-time Olympian/X Games gold medalist Lindsey Jacobellis in 3rd.

Callan closes out the season ranked 5th.



My flight arrived in Zurich early yesterday morning and I made the 4 or 5 hour drive across the boarder to Valmalenco, Italy. The drive was beautiful, from foggy feilds of Switzerland and into the tiny winding streets of Italy.

Today was the first day of training. It lasted about a half hour because of the snow and rain that slowed the course down and made it impossible to clear jumps. By the end of the course my goggles were so rained over that I couldn’t see past the beads of water. The forecast is predicting more rain and snow tomorrow but Friday (the finals day) is supposed to clear up. Looks like some powder runs after qualifications tomorrow!

I just finished the first incredible, delicious Italian pizza of the trip and now its time to ciesta. Arrivederchi


The Big Apple and Fam’ time

The last two weeks have been a much needed little break from the boardercross tour. After the land of Poutine, I headed to New York City with my compadre Simona from the Swiss snowboard team. New York lived up to its name! Jazz in greenwich village, Empire State Building by night, Peaches dj set in midtown, The Highline at sunset, a broadway show, delicious coffee in little italy, chaos in chinatown, little treasures in Chelsea. Just a pinch of the week in the Big Apple. It was relaxing and wonderfully exhasting at the very same time.

The last week was spent enjoying some time with the family back in the great north. No matter the snow condition, its always nice to come home. It centers you, a good wind down from the excitement of a big city. But unfortunately, the snow was not the best snow I’ve ever seen from my hometown. Hard pack and ice. ; (

I just arrived today in Lake Tahoe, California for the North Face Masters Competition which begins this Thursday and goes through the weekend. Take a trip to http://www.thenorthfacemasters.com for online coverage of the competition. The incredible winter that Tahoe has had should make for some fine snowboarding! I can’t wait!