World Heli Challenge

Day two, the extreme day of competition here at The World Heli Challenge in Wanaka, New Zealand ended with a bang yesterday. The helicopters were staged from a barge in the middle of Lake Wanaka, where we loaded up at flew to the venue of Mt. Albert. What an incredible beginning to the trip it has been. The snow has been deep and fun, the weather beautiful, and the people amazing!

The first day of competition was judged on mainly freestyle and tricks done through the course of your run. Some booters were made and the day was a blast! The second day was the extreme portion of the Heli Challenge and was judge on the extremety of line choice and overall fluidity down the mountain. The venue was incredible and daunting as we approached in the heli and the first run down it felt amazing. So great to be back on snow… theres quite a week in store, lots to come!

Thanks for reading! Will keep posted on the events of the day through this amazing trip! Whoohoo!

World Heli Challenge from Geoffrey Bell on Vimeo.


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