Center of Excellence and A Very Full Fall

Got back to Utah a few days ago after an epic trip to Saas Fee, Switzerland. I’m happy find Utah a little cooler than I left it… a good sign that pow slashes and a  new season of shredding is approaching! It couldn’t come fast enough… I know what a Fall training session at the Center Of Excellence entails and it is no cake walk. I’m mentally preparing to have sore muscles until December, at which time my muscles will be too excellent to be sore anymore. Thats the plan.

In the mean time, I was invited to be a speaker at the National Indian Health Board Conference in Anchorage, Ak on September 29th. After that its back to the gym in Park City to sculpt my guns for two weeks and back to Alaska for the Alaska Federation of Natives and Elders & Youth conferences. Its looking like a pretty full fall.


Glaciers, Alps and Swiss Cheeses

Got to Switzerland on Sept. 5th and after spending a few days in Zurich and Flims, a town to the east, I’ve finally made it to Saas Fee. I’ll be here for the next week shredding the glacier and training with the Swiss Team. 

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From the delicious Swiss cheeses to the incredible mountains here, its gonna be a great final week in Die Schweiz!