Private Mt. Bike Session at Canyons Resort

Today my fellow US Teammates and I were privileged to a private downhill session at The Canyons Resort bike park. We were filming a profile segment for the US Snowboarding Grand Prix which will be held at The Canyons Resort in February and aired on NBC this winter. Can’t wait to see the footage!

We were accompanied by pro downhill bikers from Utah and were shuttled up and down the radical bike park for a strait 8 hours. After slaying it with the boys on the “mellower” parts of the park we moved over to some bigger step down features that I had no intention of taking part in… but after watching them boost off these jumps I couldn’t fight the urge to do it. All the heckling I got from my teammates for just hanging on the side watching probably was a good motivator, needless to say I nailed it. : )

Unfortunately there were a few fallen soldiers. One teammate came up a little short on a very sharp and scary looking wooden feature, which ended in a separated and droopy shoulder. Another slipped off track and ended up with 8 stitches. It was a pretty gnarly and epic day of pushing the limits… which happens to be pretty standard among this crowd. Amen.


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