Life beside a Salty Lake and Getting Strong

Just arrived at my new digs in Salt Lake City, Utah greeted with 60 degree weather and snowless sidewalks. It’s a big change from the 12 foot high snow berms that tower over you in Alaska! It’s pretty nice to be able to take a leisurely mid afternoon stroll without crutching through a foot of snow. I still can’t help popping online to take a look at the accumulating snowpack and drool over photos of the delicious lines being laid down in old AK. Looks heavenly.


My daily life for the coming months will be physical therapy and strength training at the US Olympic Training Center in Park City, UT which is a 20 minute drive east of Salt Lake City. I usually spend around 4 hours a day rehabbing my knee and working on conditioning. As it turns out I’m not the only torn ACL… this weekend made for a total of 16 ACL tears for US Ski/Snowboard Team athletes! It’s been a strange season for injuries. But it is comforting and motivating to be around other people going through the same recovery and rejoicing in the milestones with you. It’s just about the best environment for getting strong again.


The knee is going according to schedule and I should be totally off crutches in two or three more weeks. My fellow ALC tearers are all around the same timeline as me and slowly one-by-one we’re all ditching the crutches! I’m proposing a cake walk to celebrate everyone off crutches… I don’t quite know what a cake walk entails but I like the sound of it.


To cakewalking this knee back to full strength!!


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