Ocean Beauty Seafood and Delicious Summer Feasts!

I gave it my best attempt to fillet this beauty last night for my roommates birthday feast. We accompanied the main dish with super quick and easy steamed mussels. All packaged up and ready to be microwaved…I know, microwaved mussels? But this is the future, and it turns out mussels steamed in the microwave happen to be damn good. It take only 5 minutes. Filleting a fresh Alaskan sockeye salmon however is a little more time consuming and makes me sweat. The pressure of producing a good fillet comes from a family that does it with ease and perfection… last nights job brought back high pressure situations to mind, like being at the top of a Boardercross course. Everyone stood by watching, expectations of smooth knife work and my Alaskan-salmon-preparing reputation on the line. Luckily I made it through unscathed by ridicule and everyone was happy with the finished product. Not the prettiest, most professional fillet but I think my family would approve. Cheers, to quality seafood and summer evenings!

Almost too gorgeous to eat. Almost.

Fillet skills could use some work, but made for a delicious feast!


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