Val update

The end of a long cold wet day.

Family is buoyed by the kindness and professionalism shown by State Troopers and the MASTAR’s search dogs team. At the same time, a bit discouraged with not having the situation resolved.

Yep, everyone was hoping for more.

It’s dark out, cold, still raining, and not much can happen through the night.

But tomorrow is another day ~

Valerie is now listed with the State Troopers Missing Persons Clearinghouse.

Please think hard. If you saw her since last weekend, please let the authorities know.

Thanks very much to Terry for the raingear and boots. Desi, we promise to get your boots back to you : )

Charles and Billy – you guys are wild men. You guys rock.


2 thoughts on “Val update

  1. Callan thinking of you and your family. Val is such a wonderful person and we are praying for her safe return to you all. I feel helpless over here. Wish I could do more, but I am praying for you all and most importantly for her and keeping you all in my thoughts. Love you all so much.

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