GumBlog: More notes from Granite Creek


A break in the weather – hot bright sunshine. The ground search continues.

A hot meal and a night’s rest – everyone goes back at it with renewed optimism and determined good humor.



In crisis moments, you have to take time to laugh.



Valerie’s dad is firm that he will search the area until he’s 100% satisfied that every rock has been looked at, and without any doubt that if she is here, she’d be found.

Finding no trace of her increases the likelihood that this is more than getting lost in the woods in the dark.

Of course, the prospect of abduction from the campground has hovered in the background from the first day. Law enforcement takes this seriously and Valerie’s family has faith and confidence in their professional expertise and investigative strategies.


Thank you to the fantastic dogs and handlers from the MAT+SAR K9 Team.

Teams train in air scent search (locating any human in a specific area) , trailing (following the path of a specific individual) and in specialty areas such as land and water cadaver search, avalanche search and evidence search.

To find out more about them, go here:


“River Crossing” by Joseph Edward. APU Summer Photo Contest.





And then there’s V.G.  : )








Please keep an eye out along the highway corridor across Alaska.

If you see something, please call or make a comment.

907-783-0972 or 907-269-5497

Missing Persons Clearinghouse/Alaska Bureau of Investigation



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