Val and Cal

Valerie and Callan

Thorough exhaustive searching continues in the Johnson Pass area (Seward Highway Mile 64). The staging area and “command post” will remain in place and active. Adequately prepared volunteers are welcome.

All possibilities are being explored. The Alaska State Troopers have an active and responsive investigation underway. Family appreciates all reports of possible sightings. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been Valerie so far. Keep thinking. Keep looking.

You can post comments here anonymously or send a private message.

If you see something – call, make a comment, email.

907-783-0972 or 907-269-5497

Missing Persons Clearinghouse/Alaska Bureau of Investigation


Special thanks to Girdwoodians Terry Sherwood, Lauren Roberts and Judd Crosby (Silvertip Grill) for your kind support. Much appreciated.

The Silvertip Grill provides breakfasts to Callan – “Breakfast of Champions”.


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