GumBlog: bits and pieces from Granite Creek


Starting off the 12th day of searching. Windy and cold again, complicated by the Anchorage kidnapper still on the loose.


A new story by Anchorage Daily News:

Top story and “most read.” Nice.

Click on image to go there.


Wow, what a weird week.

A SAT phone call about an armed man in Turnagain Pass out on the highway at Mile 65 holding someone hostage. Propelled by a shocked surge of adrenalin and pure physical response, I literally broke a sweat and charged for my truck assuming it had to be Valerie. My brain couldn’t catch up with my legs. I almost left Jim behind, but self-preservation instinct prevailed.

I mean – how random is that – what are the odds that an armed kidnapper with a hostage wanders out of the woods in the search area of a missing person/possible abduction, miles from anywhere, and would NOT be related?

Callan thought the same thing and was completely alarmed, waiting to hear what happened.

What did I plan to do? Well, rescue her, of course! How were we going to do that? I don’t know. No idea. Not a clue. Didn’t stop to think about it…

Bear spray and Jim?

Offer up prayers and good thoughts for the well-being of the search effort as well as all the campers and people trying to enjoy a weekend.

Thanks to Duane for the photo.






And then there was the bear on our second-story deck. I woke up to it peering in at me. Then it just popped down onto the lawn.


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