Celebrating Olympic family moments

Whoohoo! Let the Games begin – London 2012 is underway!

For an athlete, getting to the Olympics takes one thing above all else.  Family.  This is about family.

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Valerie was a blast in Vancouver, the perfect person to come. Glad to be there, low maintenance, loving every minute of it.

We didn’t have Jeweline (Callan’s beloved Nana), but her spirit and presence was with us every second. We never stopped thinking about her, knowing how tickled she must be and what a terrific time she’d have.
Proctor & Gamble honored mothers and grandmothers at the U.S. Team House. We thought of how much she would enjoy the moments and how she was the ideal Nana for their celebration of the women on an athlete’s team.

It’s a very long road to the Olympics. Many years of dedication to training and competition and an absolute need to commit. Nothing is by accident or good fortune. An athlete’s family is there for the entire journey – long before Olympic competition becomes any kind of real possibility.

It’s about family.





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