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APRN/KSKA      Statewide News story 

KNBA 90.3          Qaa luh, David Sam – Victor Sifsof interview     Koahnic Broadcast, © Copyright 2012, National Native News




Anchorage Daily News 


Valerie Sifsof has been missing from an Alaska campground for 23 days. She was last seen at midnight on Saturday, July 7, walking away from her campsite in the direction of the outhouses.

She was reported missing on Wednesday, July 11.

Valerie was dressed in a black DKNY hooded top over a lime green t-shirt, dark blue or black sweatpants,  short black Wellington boots with a buckle on the side, silver-framed Prada sunglasses.



Alaska State Troopers mounted an extensive search of the area with dogs, rafts and Helo-1 rescue helicopter equipped with infrared technology. Troopers covered several creek drainages out to Cook Inlet on all-terrain vehicles.

Volunteer search parties covered the entire campground and extended area on foot, shoulder-to-shoulder and on ATVs, through July 28.

Both sides of the Seward Highway in the Turnagain Pass area were explored, as far out as remote cabins on the north bank of Six Mile Creek at the end of Johnson Pass Trail.

Searchers walked the south bank of Six Mile Creek to the confluence and up Granite Creek to where it meets the campground. Ground searches continues along the highway corridor.

State Troopers continue to investigate as an active missing person case.



If you think you’ve seen her

call the Alaska Bureau of Investigation/Missing Persons Clearing House:


or the Alaska State Troopers:

907-783-0972 or 907-269-5497

  • A reward is being offered for information leading to her recovery. See and Victims for Justice –

If you see something – call, make a comment, send an email.


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