Searching for Valerie: Gone Too Long

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Valerie – her favorite stuff


Valerie is complicated. Interesting and eccentric. Never boring. The internet ‘avatars’ she creates are a perfect reflection…


“…art rules my well-being! I love salvador dali, van gogh, klimt, Picasso, W. Kandinsky… the buddhist sand artists – amazing… Philosophy, anthropology & politics, or rather, anything that expands my knowledge and sooo on & so forth…”




Living in Seattle buffed Val into a ‘Last Exit on Brooklyn’ type. The Last Exit in the U-District was the oldest coffee house in the Pacific Northwest.

It was enormous (it seated about 80 at tables, and could cram in another 40 or so for music performances, plus 15 more on the patio out back), high-ceilinged and smoky as a circle of hell.Marble tables were fashioned out of what had once been stall dividers in the rest rooms of the old King County Courthouse; the legs were truck differentials. In the center were big, round wooden tables that had once been in a cardroom; their nature was obvious from the dealer’s position cutouts.

Val loves bookstores – she’s into poetry and existentialists. Favorite reads, writers, art:

Albert Camus (The Stranger); Jean Paul Sartre; Edie: An American Biography by Jean Stein; A Clockwork Orange, , Brave New World, Weaveworld, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy; On The Road, Sidhartha, Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Ken Kesey, Herman Hesse, Tom Robbins, The Prophet, Charles Bukowski (“poet drunkard extradinaire”).




She saw this in a gallery…               Val’s own composition


Elena Zolotnitsky, Paul Mahder Gallery.