Searching for Valerie: Gone Too Long

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2 thoughts on “Searching for Valerie: Gone Too Long

  1. My husband and I read an article tonight on and I had mixed feelings about what was written. It said that other campers that had stayed in the campground that night were being contacted and that some were being forthcoming and some were not. I am happy that the family is not giving up and that campers are being contacted but am saddened because my husband and I have not yet been contacted by the troopers, still, and it has been almost three months. We were in the campground that night and while we may not have seen or heard anything pertaining to the case, how would they know, they haven’t even asked….
    Don’t give up!!! Our thoughts and prayers are with the family!!

    • Thanks for the comment. And the good thoughts.
      We hope that anyone who was there will get in touch and say so, whether they think they know anything or not.

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