Prairie Hotsprings: A Farewell to Utah

Prairie Hotsprings: A Farewell to Utah

It has been a long and arduous path through the yellow brick road of ACL Surgery. I’ve met some lions and tigers and bears. A few flying monkeys. The straw and tin men along the way were a pleasure, but I’m happy to finally have gotten the Ruby Slippers of approval from the U.S. Team medical staff to enter back into World Cup competition once again! I embark ‘Home’ to the world of travel and competition on February 11th to Sochi, Russia. It’s an exciting one to come back to, this is the official test event for the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games. I will be racing on the exact course that will be shaped for the Olympic Games just a year away! Words can’t express how ready I am to be thrown back into the world I love, strong and equipped with 11 months of training under my belt. I’ve experienced coming back from an injury before, in 2009. I’m ready to put the plan into action for Sochi 2014. It’s gonna be a wild ride… on a horse of a different color!